WALK ON WATER: Paddleboarding is Here to Stay!

WALK ON WATER: Paddleboarding is Here to Stay!

There’s a good chance you’ve heard about it, maybe you’ve seen it, and if you’ve been lucky enough, you’ve tried it. Stand up paddleboarding (SUPing) is the fastest growing outdoor sport and it’s here to stay.

Bursting on the scene within the past decade stand up paddlers are surfing their boards, practicing their downward dog, racing, fishing from them, and of course just using their boards as another excuse to enjoy our world’s most gorgeous waterways. Like anything that rises in such popularity so quickly there is always the question… will it last? Here are 5 reasons why stand up paddleboarding is here to stay:

1. Versatility

Water goers are hopping on their stand up paddleboards to do a variety of activities on them like: fishing, racing, surfing, backpack style extended trips, duck hunting, bow fishing, recreational paddling, yoga, fitness classes, and the list goes on and on. People around the world are having a blast combining their favorite activities with stand up paddleboarding.

Tidal Roots SUP Fishing

2. Ease of entry

Stand up paddleboarding is a lot easier than it looks and there are a lot of variables to making your first experience a pleasant one. If you are embarking on your first paddle, pick a board that is wide and stable, and choose a calm flat section of water to get your bearings down. Stand up paddleboarding is as easy as you decide to make, set yourself up for success on your first outing, after all it’s about enjoying your time on the water.

3.Variety of Equipment

SUP manufacturers are building boards that are adaptable to just about any activity that you can realistically combine with stand up paddleboarding. Companies like Tidal Roots (www.TidalRoots.com) out of southern Maine, hand build wooden boards that are customizable for yoga, fishing, touring, or even just exploring. The versatility of these products appeal to a larger market than kayaking and surfing ever will, providing another reason why paddleboarding is proving to be an activity that is here to stay.

4. Physical Benefits

tidal roots yoga

Sure, SUPing is lots of fun, and a great way to experience the water but at the end of the day you get a work out that proves effective and noticeable. For most people running 5 miles takes a little drive and motivation, even heading to the gym for an hour can be a daunting task at the end of the work day when the sun is still shining, but hopping on your SUP and going for a cruise for an hour works your muscles from head to toe with a specific focus on your core. Co-owner of Tidal Roots, Kyle Schaefer goes on to say, “SUPing is one of my favorite ways to burn some calories because I’m generally so distracted by the joys and connection of being on the water and paddling I forget that I’m engaging my core, quads and upper body for a complete workout.”

5. It’s Just Plain Cool!

Tidal Roots Board Shaper

From SUP pioneers like Laird Hamilton to trend setting celebrities like Matthew McConaughey everyone seems to be catching on. Stand Up Paddleboarding has caught fire worldwide in the past decade and is the fastest growing outdoor sport today. Retailers around the country are seeing SUP sales eclipse kayak sales over the past couple years and the slow down isn’t in sight.

Don’t take it from us, get out and try if for yourself. If there is a body of water nearby you, it’s likely that their is a SUP rental or retail facility nearby. Companies like Tidal Roots ship directly to their customers and create SUP’s that are built for exactly the paddle experience that you are looking for.

Jump on and ride the wave to an experience on the water like nothing else.