The Gaming Battle

Top Video Game Consoles - Xbox One Versus PS4


As you are probably already aware, there is a great battle being fought between two gaming camps: The PS4 loyals and those who revere the Xbox One.

If you find yourself a bit unsure as to which of the two gaming system you should chose, you aren’t alone.┬áIn our opinion, the choice isn’t clear cut.

Firstly, they are both priced in the same ballpark — You can score the Xbox One on Amazon for $489 and the PS4 for $399.

And secondly, both gaming consoles have rich histories, numerous game options, and plenty of great features. To make your decision a bit easier, we’ve attempted to break down their basic features and benefits.


An investment into an Xbox One will cost you about $89 dollars more than the PS4. The console allows for you to jump between TV, movies, video games, and more. You can also take advantage of the cloud for your games, entertainment, and system apps.

The console is driven by the perfect blend of CPU, GPU, and 8GM of RAM. It is also governed by a robust OS architecture that delivers amazing speed and agility.

Another major bonus of the Xbox is that Kinect is included. It was reengineered for the Xbox One to be much more precise and responsive. You’ll love its flawless voice, vision, and motion technology.


The PlayStation 4 was officially released on November 15, 2013. Since then, gamers have been raving about its performance. Like the Xbox, you are given numerous options as to how you can entertain yourself and others with this console.

You have the power to engage in community play and even share your triumphs via the system’s “Share Button.”

The PS4 platform is centered around a very powerful chip that contains x86-64 cores, and it is equipped with a 1.84 TFLOPS graphics processor with 8GB of GDDR5 unified system memory. This translates to a gaming system that is robust, dynamic, and versatile.


In the end, we have concluded it comes down to personal preference. If you prefer OS architecture, you definitely want to go with the Xbox. On the other end of the spectrum, the PS4 offers excellent versatility and allows for you to make your gaming and entertainment experience highly personalized.

The best thing you can do is give both system a try. Visit your nearest electronics store or a friend’s house to give them a try. You may also want to compare their specs side-by-side. The following chart can help. It even includes the Xbox 360 if you are considering it as well:

PS4 versus Xbox Diagram