Whiskey & Gin Advent Calendars

'Tis the Season for Whiskey & Gin Advent Calendars for the Holidays

If you grew up in a Christian household, you probably know about Advent Calendars. They’re usually given to children to count down or celebrate the days leading to Christmas, and the dates on them overlap with the season of Advent. There are “windows” on the calendar, and one is opened each day leading up to Christmas. They usually reveal an image, poem or story, and while some are purely religious and stick with the focus being on Jesus’ birth, the fun ones (at least in our childhood memory) also contained things like chocolate and other treats as well.

Now there’s one for adults, and because we love to drink, we couldn’t be more excited for Whiskey & Gin Advent Calendars for the holidays!Whisky-Advent-Calendar-2013_600

Drinks by the Dram has produced 4 Whiskey & Gin Advent Calendars for the 2013 Christmas season: The Whisky Advent Calendar, The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar, The Ginvent Calendar, and The Craft Ginvent Calendar.

Sold on the Master of Malt website out of the United Kingdom (don’t worry, they ship to the US), each calendar includes 24 3cl bottles (or drams) of spirit hidden behind 24 numbered doors, one for each day in December leading up to Christmas Day.

whisky-advent-calendar-300The Whisky Advent Calendar and The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar each contain 24 drams of whisky sourced from all over the world. Whisky lovers can sample different flavors of single malt Scotch whisky, bourbon, rye, and other succulent spirits from Scotland, the US, Japan and beyond. The back of each calendar displays detailed information about various cask sizes, allowing whisky enthusiasts to expand their whisky knowledge while they explore the 24 different drams within the calendar. Because it’s not just about the drink, it’s also about furthering your education.

While we love last year’s packaging a bit more (pictured here), we’re still into the more classic looking 2013 design (above).

If whiskey isn’t your thing, The Ginvent Calendar contains gin in varied styles from distilleries in the UK and beyond, and The Craft Ginvent Calendar contain spirits that were all produced in craft, or small volume distilleries.the-ginvent-calendar-gin_Large600

These samples were developed in conjunction with Gin Foundry, and the packaging features illustrations of the various botanicals found in gin. The Ginvent Calendar also contains a world map indicating the locations where the botanicals are sourced, while The Craft Ginvent Calendar boasts a flavor wheel giving the taster a helpful guide into the range of flavor profiles to be experienced within the calendar.

Full-sized versions of both The Whisky Advent Calendar and The Ginvent Calendar will be on display during the Christmas season at various locations in London, but you can order these smaller versions for yourself through the Masters of Malt website. Due to state restrictions they can’t deliver to either Massachusetts or New Hampshire (Boo!), but you can have them shipped to friends or family in another state. When ordering, they show you the full shipping costs and duty in the total, so there are no hidden charges.

A person needs to be at home to sign for it, and they can’t ship to post office boxes.