Top New Gear from Winter Outdoor Retailer

Getting the right gear for all cold weather conditions

Outdoor Retailer is the largest outdoor gear tradeshow in North America, and their winter edition was loaded with new and exciting gear from some of the top brands in the business. Below are some of our favorite pieces of new gear that are coming out in 2014.

Thule Round Trip Ski Bags

Thule Round Trip Ski BagsNot only are the new Thule ski and snowboard bags great looking, they add tip and tail protection with an integrated stuff-sack. That stuff-sack can be filled with ski clothes and offers additional protection for skis and boards. $129.95 – $249.95

Barebones Tent

BarebonesTentThis is more than a casual tent that you pack away, the new Barebones is the epitome of  luxury camping (“glamping” to some). At 120 square feet, this back county palace can be set up with solar lights and wood burning stove providing four seasons of comfort. At almost 2-grand, this is not the cheapest thing on the market, but if you have some land and limited budget, this will provide you years of shelter.

Tecnica Mach 1 -130 Ski BootTecnica Mach 1 -130 Ski Boot

Historically, ski boots are uncomfortable and only feel good when you take them off. Tecnica was showing their new Mach 1-130 boot that is the first ski boot to offer and anatomically correct ski boot and shell with a punch-out for the skiers ankle. $600-$785

You can check out current Tecnica models here, here, and here.



Selk’bag Sleep System Selk’bag Sleep SystemThere is something just plain cool about these walkable sleeping bags from Selk’bag. I wouldn’t be caught dead heading into a neighborhood Starbucks wearing one, but if I was sitting around the fire, sleep or walk around the cold cabin with these fun sleeping bags.  $99.00 – $259.00

Miir Growler


Need to keep 64oz of your favorite beverages cold for a long time? This beautiful double-walled stainless steel growler from Miir is all you need. Plus, a portion of the sales go to helping to provide clean water in developing countries. Available in early March $54.95

Real Sticks All Natural Beef Sticks

Real Sticks All Natural Beef SticksEnergy bars and drinks are good for a quick meal, but sometimes you need something more. These new all-natural beef sticks from Vermont Smoke and Cure are low in sodium, gluten free and contain no GMOs. Plus, they taste amazing! From $1.99 each.