Top 10 Cities to Meet Hot Women

Is Yours on the List?

She May Be Geographically Unattainable, But Well Worth the Trip

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Want to get away from it all? Take some time to rest, relax, maybe party a little and recharge your batteries?

Us too — especially with winter bogging things down — so we started thinking about places to spotlight on TopKit. That included the usual “must do” events you read in most travel articles — sites to see, great places to stay, incredible cuisine to sample and more. But then we got to thinking about something that we thought was equally as important as art, culture and cuisine: ┬áVisiting top cities for hot women.

Don’t roll your eyes. We’re not talking about trolling the globe like lechers on parade, indulging in a mid-life crisis or flying off with your buddies like a real-life version of The Hangover. We’re simply providing a service, adding another check mark to the many reasons why we would want to stop in a particular place.

So, with that in mind, we created this list of 10 travel destinations known for their beautiful ladies. And just to show that we’re not solely focused on the women, we added in a couple smart fun facts about the destinations as well. We’re helpful like that. Do keep in mind that this list is┬ácompletely based on our own personal tastes, but with so many locations and types of women in those places, we’re pretty sure you’ll find one that matches yours as well. Enjoy.