Veteran Invents the All-Terrain ‘Tank Chair’ for Disabled Wife

TopKit_TankChairCombat veteran Brad Soden invented a new kind of wheelchair to help his partially disabled wife glide comfortably over all kinds of terrain. He calls it the “tank chair.”

The tank chair is a motorized wheelchair equipped with heavy-duty treads — the kind you’d see on a military tank — instead of the standard wheels. The chair can climb stairs, ford a stream, and plow across any sort of terrain.

Soden began working on the chair so his wife Liz could still participate in activities with their children. She was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident in 1999.

Like so many great inventors before him, Soden created the revolutionary device in his garage.

Soden has no engineering training, or even a college degree, but he’s become an inventor and entrepreneur just the same.

The tank chair is on the market,owned and used by many disabled persons, not limited to Soden’s wife Liz. She says that it’s impossible to drive the chair without drawing stares, but it starts an important conversation about what the disabled can do.

Soden’s life-changing ‘tank chair’ costs $19,500 and is available for purchase at It’s currently exceeded its bandwidth limit because of the unprecedented number of visitors — a good thing, to be sure.