Essential Tailgating Gear

Party Like a Rockstar! Essentials for the Ultimate Tailgating Experience

tailgating essentials

If you’re one of the 64 percent of Americans who watch football, this post was developed especially for you.

It’s no secret that tailgating has become an art around NFL and college football venues throughout the country.  According to the American Tailgater Association (Yes, such an organization does, indeed, exist!), it all started back during the Civil War at Bull Run in 1861. Right when the battle started, Union Army supporters showed up with large baskets of food and began shouting “Go Big Blue!” And the rest was history… no pun intended.

As you know it, today’s tailgaters tend to not cut corners. Each year their celebrations go to new extremes. And you can throw the most amazing tailgating party alongside your best buds with the help of this essential tailgating gear.

Essential Tailgating Gear

rotiserie tailgaiting

Kalorik Rotisserie Grill

For the ultimate chicken, pork, ribs, roast beef, and lamb, this rotisserie grill will do the trick. Simply plug into an electrical outlet and the device roasts meat from the inside out and the outside in. It holds up to a 10-pounds of meat, which is cooked by the rotisserie rotating heat around and through the food.

solaire bbqSolaire Portable Infrared Gas Grill

This beauty is stainless steel and perfect for enjoying at your favorite tailgating spot. The barbecue lights up with an easy-to-use electronic push-button and requires one-pound propane cylinders for fuel. Its grilling space is good for eight 4-inch hamburgers and the stainless steel grilling grids maximize flavor and keep flair-ups from occurring. A major bonus: It comes equipped with a rugged carrying bag for easy transport.

Pronto Pizza MakerPizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Rather than forcing your peeps to purchase stale, greasy pizza in the stadium, why not offer them a freshly-baked pie? The Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven weights 26 pounds, is propane powered, and can reach 700 degrees to produce delicious pizza on the spot. You’ll score extra points for this special touch.

sunbright tvSunBrite TV 32-Inch Signature Series

If someone asks why you’d want a TV at a tailgate party, then you may not want to invite them to your next outing.

An outdoor TV that is bright enough to be seen on a sunny day. Very few televisions can accomplish this feat and even withstand misty days, but SunBrite has developed the perfect technology for more types of weather. It plugs into a generator (see below) or cigarette lighter with the right adapter and, most importantly, its HD picture is top-quality.


Dish Network Tailgater

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s more fun to hang out with friends in the parking lot than taking in every second of the game inside of the stadium — hence the TV listed above. This is why Dish Networks has developed a Tailgating version of their product. Weighing less than 10 pounds and providing excellent reception, the Tailgater is a definite must-have.

Ladder Golf

No tailgating party is complete without Ladder Golf, one of the most beloved games for both college and NFL football fans. You are guaranteed hours of fun with this timeless classic.

Check out how to play it here:

fushion tailgating ChairFusion Tailgating Chair

The perfect chair for getting comfortable and keeping track of your favorite drinks and equipment. It’s easy to fold and can be carried like a backpack. You’ll never want to leave home without this beauty.

Other Items to Consider
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
Oven mitt
Folding tables
Disposable tableware
Generator/power supplies

Once you’ve gathered your goods for your next tailgating gig, the only thing left is to make sure that your favorite friends and family are there to enjoy!