swissRoomBox Review

Cool Camping Accessory Turns Your Car Into a Camper

This has got to be the coolest camping gear we’ve seen in a long time.

The new swissRoomBox can turn most cars or SUVs into a camper for sleeping, cooking and eating. It’s a modular system where the pieces snap together to form various components — like a table or a bed — and then quickly disassembles so you can get on with your adventure once you’re done. It works without the use of cumbersome tools, and can be adjusted so that even if you’re parked on sloped ground you can make the RoomBox surface level.

According to the press notes, “The swissRoomBox concept is inspired by the famous Swiss Army Knife. Installing the module in the car takes less than a minute. Installation of the tables to cook or eat for 2 or 4 people takes about 2 minutes. For the assembly of the bed, it takes 5 minutes to install the double bed.”

The RoomBox has a foldable and retractable system, so that it can become as compact as a suitcase with a length of 39.37 inches and a width of 19.29 inches thick. It weighs approximately 64 pounds for the car model and 90 for the van model. It also has handles and integrated wheels so you can transport it from your house to the vehicle without too much hassle.

Obviously this is cool is you like to take road trips and camp, but it also means the RoomBox is small enough to take traveling. So, say you’ve always wanted to camp in another state or country, just pack this with your luggage, rent a car or van, and you’re “roughing it” in style, anywhere in the world.

At this time the company didn’t have models for us to check out so we can’t make this an official swissRoomBox review, but we still thought it was too cool an item to ignore. They also created a great video showing it in action, which we’ve posted above.

For the launch, the company is offering free shipping to buyers in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand through the end of August. You can check that out here.