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The Wren V5BT Wireless Speaker Reviewed

Wren Speaker Review — WHAT IS IT?

The Wren V5BT  AirPlay is a wireless speaker system that bridges the gap between high-quality audio and high-style home décor. Unlike the majority of speakers designed for pure functionality, the Wren is elegantly designed with its sleek curves, bamboo veneer top, and silver speaker grille. Its target demographic is the music-lover willing to invest a bit of cash for the sake of aesthetics.

The speaker connects to Smartphones, laptops, tablet, and other Bluetooth enabled devices. It must be mentioned that the device isn’t small (16-3/4″W x 6-1/16″H x 5″D), like many of the wireless speakers recently touted within the market. The Wren is most conducive to being placed in the home or office where it can be seen and admired.


Thanks to two high-performance 3/4″ tweeters and two 3” drivers, the Wren’s sound output is powerful and balanced. It also comes equipped with a bass port that supports low sound frequency. This makes listening to a bit of Jay Z, Drake, or Eminem thoroughly enjoyable. You don’t have to worry about strange vibrations arising from the speaker’s cabinet because it’s made with MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and is equipped with a silicone pad on the bottom to eliminate movement or rattling.

Connecting the Wren to a Smartphone, tablet, or laptop is quick and simple. A few easy-to-follow steps to pair and you’re ready to listen. It also comes with a simple remote, for sound adjustments.


If you’re looking for a tiny/small wireless speaker to take with you on the road or to move around your home, this isn’t the right device for you. That isn’t necessarily a “con” per-say, but in product photos the unit looks smaller than it actually is.

The Wren plugs into the wall — so it’s not an entirely wire-free speaker like the BEM or Braven 710. Once again, this doesn’t take away from its performance, but it takes away from its portability.

It’s not a bargain. A $399 investment, you’ll really want to know this speaker is what you are looking for. If money isn’t an option, the Wren is an excellent option — especially if you’re looking for a conversation starter, as the Wren’s design is worth talking about.


The Wren is  a beautiful speaker that performs very well, plus it’s easy to use. You’ll especially want your own if it appeals to your sense of décor.