Weighing In on Your Health

You Stand, It Delivers - EatSmart Digital Body Fat Scale


The EatSmart Precision GetFit is not your ordinary bathroom scale.  This isn’t about a vanity boost of seeing how much weight you’ve lost. This is for guys who are serious about taking control of their health.

Sure, it measures your weight (which shouldn’t matter as much to men who work out, since muscle weighs more than fat), but it also measures body fat, body water, body muscle and bone mass.

Start by imputing information about yourself: gender, height, age, activity level and weight. Then stand on it for results. The EatSmart Precision GetFit uses BIA (Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis) technology to send a low-level electrical signal though your body. It then measures the resistance the signal encounters to calculate your body’s total fitness level.

Don’t freak out, the signal is perfectly safe and will not be felt.

The touch screen interface displays all the info, and makes it one of the most user-friendly body analysis tools on the market today.


We loved that it was smart enough to store up to 8 different users’ personal profiles and recognize users as soon as they step onto it.  This auto recognition software makes it simple to operate, since all you have to do is stand on the platform barefoot and it identifies you based on your past weight. We also thought it’s sleek design made it look great, and the touch-screen set-up was easy to use.


It was deftly accurate. Scary, in fact. But this wasn’t about making us feel bad so that we stopped eating from the regularly-supplied box of donuts at the office and switch to a low-fat, low-carb diet. This was about getting healthy on a larger scale (pardon the pun).

Unlike a traditional scale — which, as we said, isn’t really helpful if you workout regularly, lift weights, or are trying to transform your body — this one makes you think about your body as a whole unit. When you see your body fat number, you’re more conscious of those “little snacks” you take throughout a day. This makes you less likely to cut off a quarter of that donut and more likely to choose a healthy snack or chew gum instead. Likewise, seeing the amount of body water makes you much more aware of the salt you’re consuming on a daily basis. In fact, one of our team stopped buying diet frozen dinners because, after seeing what his body water number was, he realized just how much sodium they contain.

The body muscle mass readout is great for the opposite reason. If you’re looking to increase muscle mass, it helps you see your progress, giving added payoff to those weights you’ve been pumping. And, while most of us think we’re too young to worry about our bones, we all need to be aware of their mass and density. This scale helps keep that information front and center, reminding you to add calcium supplements or more dairy products if you need. It even got us scheduling appointments for our annual physicals, just because our health was suddenly in focus again.

One device, multiple reminders, and good health? That’s a great package we can get behind.