Snow Deep: Vasque Arrowhead UltraDry Boot Review

The Winter Snow Boot That Keeps You Completely Warm

If you live in or are visiting a frigid location, you need proper quality equipment to get around.

In snowy terrain, the right boots are extremely important and not having a pair that performs well can mean the difference between doing whatever you need or want to do outdoors, or staying in all day long.

Since the latter isn’t exactly practical for most people, we suggest the Arrowhead UltraDry snowshoe to keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable no matter how low the temps go.

Vasque Arrowhead UltraDry Boot Review


The Arrowhead UltraDry is a lightweight athletic boot built by Vasque. It is compatible for use with snowshoes and ideal for backcountry adventures, or a great option for when you run to the store and want to keep your feet protected from the elements.


When our tester, a long-time snow junkie, tried on these boots for the first time, he was extremely impressed by their incredible light weight and comfort level. Many other snow boots can feel heavy and stiff, which makes dragging them through snow all the more difficult, but because of how thin and flexible these boots are, he wasn’t sure if they would deliver on all the company’s promises to keep his feet in fighting condition against the cold. He was glad to find they did.


While insulation is a key factor for winter boots, the Arrowhead UltraDry’s capabilities go beyond just providing warmth. For starters, the boot comes with an asymmetric zipper and a single-pull Kevlar lace system which allows you to make adjustments easily – an important factor out in the backcountry where exposing your feet to the cold is not an option.

Our tester also loved the overall ease of putting on and taking off the boots, as well as their flexibility, especially in the ankle area, which made climbing stairs and rocks much easier than in other winter boots.

The Arrowhead UltraDry is great at keeping out moisture, ice and crud with its full coverage waterproof softshell. What it keeps in, however, is the body’s natural heat with a reflective liner, and an additional 200 grams of insulation, using the 3M™ Thinsulate™ technology — known to be the most advanced of its kind on the market today.


While the Arrowhead UltraDry increases overall warmth, wearing the proper socks with these boots is a good idea. With regular cotton socks, our tester noticed his feet were still a little chilly in the deeper snowy areas. When he switched them out for wool socks that are made for cold climates, the boots were much more effective.


There’s no getting around it: If you’re going to be in snowy areas, you need to protect your feet and keep them warm and dry. With the Arrowhead UltraDry, you’re fully protected so you can go about your day without a second thought.