SwingTip Review

Data Mine Your Golf Swing


The SwingTip is a bluetooth-enabled sensor that clamps onto a golf club just below the grip. The sensor connects to an App running on iPhone or Android devices and records metrics automatically when you hit a ball.


The SwingTip sensor is about the size of a AA battery and can be charged using the included usb cable. The unit is light and when installed just below the grip on an iron or wood it won’t be noticeable. It only records data when you swing and hit a ball, and doesn’t work if you merely swing the club. Thus, the SwingTip is really for work on the range.


The SwingTip’s strength lies in its ability to record data from swing after swing automatically. The app allows you to compare the data received from each swing and compare them. It’s in the comparing of dozens (hundreds?) of your swings where you will gleam a deeper understanding of the mechanics of your movement. Are you leaving the face open? Are you missing out on power by hitting it off the toe? SwingTip measures, captures and sends to the App a 3D model of your swing plane. The app will display this from three different angles: target, above and straight-on. The sensor also captures club head impact metrics: club head speed, swing path, club face angle, impact zone, tempo and impact location.

The SwingTip sensor is also capable of activating the video on your smartphone automatically. This enables you to capture video without help. The recording will start when your swing begins because the app can correlate the sensor data with the video capture of your swing. This is really useful for reviewing and analyzing each swing.

The SwingTip app contains lots of useful lessons and tip from pros, and even offers select tips based on the analysis of each swing.


Switching between clubs takes some doing and if the sensor isn’t solidly clamped on your shaft it will cause some vibration (the sensor comes with a set of shims if this happens.). The app doesn’t place the data over on image of your actual swing: It places the data over a sort of generic 3D rendering of a male or female golfer. This works well, but don’t expect a 3D analysis over the actual video of your swing.


The SwingTip is a neat gadget that’s remarkably easy to use. It’s not for casual practice. Think of it as a way to dig down into the details of your habits over time. Knowing what you do where and when in your swing is useful when you’re trying to eliminate problems and build on your strengths. With careful use and lots of practice (of course) SwingTip can be an important part of building a more solid swing.