Seven Tools, Two Bits, One Leatherman

The Leatherman Skeletool Does (Almost) Everything


This 5-ounce device contains seven tools in one: needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, a 420HC Combo Knife, a carabiner clip that also works as a bottle opener, and a large bit driver.


Guys who own a Leatherman Skeletool love the stainless-steel device, but is it really that useful, or just hype from a bunch of wannabe carpenters hoping that by hooking the shiny tool on their pocket or belt loop they’ll ¬†look more legit? Turns out, it’s more useful than we could have imagined. The outside blade opens with one hand, and though the Skeletool is light this blade is really strong, cutting through both an apple and rubber tubing with ease. The blade also locks back solidly in place, so there’s no worry it will accidentally open. The bit is reversible, so it works on different sized screws screws, and an additional accessory kit offers more attachable bits if you’re interested. Perfect for camping and other outdoor adventures, it’s also great around the house, and saves you from having to ¬†pull out the full tool kit every time you need to tighten a screw or get some pliers into a tight opening.


It’s useful for tons of different projects — things you didn’t even know you needed it for until the time arises. The 25-year warranty gives you confidence that you’re buying something of quality that’s going to last. Plus, that bottle opener really comes in handy, and makes you really popular (and look cool) when you use it at parties.


Sadly, it can’t replace every tool. There was more than one occasion where we tried really hard to make the Skeletool work so we didn’t have to pull out the larger tool kit. Time was lost during those moments, but we have to admit it was fun trying to make it work anyway.


This is one tool that lives up to its reputation: strong, sturdy, and able to tackle almost any task.