Savora the Difference!

The Latest in High-Performance Kitchen Tools


The Savora Contour Series features a sophisticated, graceful design that takes necessary kitchen tools and elevates them above the bland black-handled basics so commonly seen in contemporary cooking. What’s more, this isn’t just about fancy design. From the rotary grater and oil mister to the peeler and ice cream scoop, they all work as good as they look.


The bright, vibrant colors and shiny stainless steel parts feel graceful, sexy, and very adult. There are multiple color options to choose from, and they express a distinct personality — someone who’s fun and enjoys food — without looking like the “cutesy” kitchen tools you’d find in a Japanese import store. Each piece offers a nice substantial weight, and there’s a balance to them, much like a well-crafted chef’s knife.


1. Oil Mister
Easy to fill, pump and use, it helps you control the amount of oil you use on pans and in recipes that normally call for a free pour. Also does a good job of staying neat, so you don’t end up with oily hands.

2. Garlic Press
The cast metal handle delivers an awesome, satisfying crush when used. The plastic tip container also keeps your garlic from flying all over the kitchen.

3. Can Opener
Easy-to-grip and hold, it is designed to open cans of any size. This version also works as a bottle opener and twist cap remover.

4. Rotary Grater
Great balance and a sculpted handle offer a great hand feel, while the grating wheel can be removed and flipped for both right or left-handed use.

5. Peeler
The sculpted handle sits well in your hand, even when wet after a lot of peeling.

6. Ice Cream Scoop
Strong, contoured handle helps prevent hand cramps if you’re scooping for lots of people.


Everything except the oil mister is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning really easy. Design is great across all the products, but some folks are picky about their ice cream scoops and want one with wider, more rounded sides, or a flip in the spoon to pop out a frozen treat. For the Savora scoop, keeping the tip in warm water will serve the same function.


If you want to show a little personality in the kitchen but refuse to skimp on function, the Savora Contour Series is a solid bet. Prices are also on par with Martha Stewart or similar medium to higher-end products, so you won’t break the bank outfitting yourself.