Hornitos Lime Shot Elevates the Traditional Drinking Experience


A ritual in a bottle.

Hornitos Lime Shot has taken the clean, balanced, herbal flavor of 100% blue agave premium tequila and infused it with a hint of lime and a touch of salt. It is double distilled and carries with it hints of floral and wooden notes.

Tapping into the latest trend of flavored spirits, Hornitos has created a serious tequila that, depending on how you look at it, dispels the overwhelming message from tequila lovers to “sip not shoot.”

Just add a splash of tonic or orange juice to elevate this booze into a delicious cocktail.


We were hesitant to try it based off the fact that we aren’t really into flavored spirits. Also, when we’re not busy enjoying our ritualistic tequila drinking routine of licking the salt off the back of our hand and sucking on a juicy lime or orange wedge after doing a shot, on occasion we actually do sip on it slowly, avoiding the classic pained “tequila face.”

But we decided to throw this baby into the freezer for a couple days and test it out. After all, tequila has always been there for us when we really needed it.

The finish is warm, sweet and pleasant, with an overall lingering heavy texture. You would think the flavor would be extreme on the lime but it is less sour than anticipated. It has a smooth sugary finish, which adds to the grounded silver tequila taste that emerges at the end.


If you’re in the market to buy some great tequila there’s basically one thing you want to look for on the bottle, and that’s “100% de agave.” That’s exactly what this one-stop-shop offers.

In the end, drinking Hornitos Lime Shot results in smoother tasting tequila and hopefully (if you drink in moderation) no hangovers. Moreover, the citrus juice helps balance and enhance the aftertaste.


This time-saving approach to tequila seems to be more gratifying only after chilling the bottle in the freezer.


This is probably not the bottle you will be reaching for when attempting to impress your friends with your knowledge of top-shelf tequilas or when desiring to knock back a shot off as stranger’s torso, but in the end, it’s definitely a serious shooter done 100 percent agave style. Don’t forget, once you open any bottle of tequila, flavored or otherwise, you better make sure you’re in the mood to drink it. Generally, you only have one to two months before evaporation and oxidization set in and destroy the the agave profile.

The budget-conscious need not worry. It’s about the same price as standard Hornitos Plata.

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