myFC PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger Review

The Device that Lets You Charge Electronics Anywhere, Anytime


The myFC PowerTrekk portable Fuel Cell Charger is a hybrid system that utilizes both a fuel cell and internal battery to charge electric products. Using a tiny amount of water and a Puck of salt, the PowerTrekk can charge a variety of portable electronics, including action cameras, navigation systems, cell phones and iPods. This device is the first product from Swedish tech company, myFC, to showcase the brand’s ingenious solutions to powering up in a digital world.

myFC PowerTrekk Fuel Cell Charger Review


The myFC PowerTrekk is lightweight and comes in a funky lime-green hue. The unique design gives it a very futuristic feel. We were impressed to learn that the eco-friendly fuel-cell technology, which converts the water’s hydrogen gas into electricity, promises to deliver instant power without harming the environment. Conscious of its carbon footprint, myFC insists that “the only bi-product from the fuel cell is a little water vapor.”


As noted, the charger only needed about a tablespoon of water, along with a Puck of salt (which is sold separately) to charge our iPhone. It seemed to charge as fast as a regular outlet charger, and the product comes with three different USB attachments. Charging the internal battery is as simple as plugging the top half of the device into a computer or the wall via the supplied micro-USB. Once we got the green light to charge, we were quite impressed at how fast the myFC PowerTrekk charged our cell phone.


The instructions don’t caution against water logging, but we were still worried that if water overflowed into the wrong spot, the device would short circuit. Or worse, we were afraid that it might ruin our cell phone! The idea that the charger “just needs water” is great. Unfortunately, you won’t get far without also having a Puck to complete the process. (The pucks retail for about $4-6 each and are sold in packages of three.) We’d also like the myFC PowerTrekk to be a bit smaller — that may be asking too much but our messenger bag is only so big.


Let’s face it: Sometimes standard power sources aren’t available, so we like that the myFC PowerTrekk acts as a saving grace for those who refuse to live without their gadgets. Plus, the R&D that goes into this kind of forward-thinking product should be commended.