Back to the Basics – POC Skull Light Helmet

The Snow Helmet That Puts Safety and Comfort Above All Else

All ski helmets are not created equal.

When it comes to choosing this essential protective gear, you want one that not only safeguards you from the dangers of the falls and tumbles you’re likely to have, but one that you will actually want to put on every single time you ride. Uncomfortable or fussy helmets can discourage use, which puts riders at a huge risk.

That’s why we’re loving the POC Skull Light, which is designed and focused exclusively around these two highly important factors.


The POC Skull Light is a great helmet to put your trust, confidence and head in. It has all the features you need to keep you safe, and it does so while providing incredible comfort.


The first thing we noticed was how light this helmet is. The 500 grams feel like feather weight once you put it on, keeping the product true to its name. Additionally, its basic design keeps the look of the helmet clean, simple and unfussy.


The Skull Light’s effectiveness at keeping you safe is due to its semi-hard shell technology and EEP liner, both of which are great for multi-impact hits. This is the same stuff that goes into creating the company’s race helmets, so you can be sure the Skull Light is built to handle all the thrashing and bobbing around you put it through.

The features that make this helmet comfortable include its low weight, as well as a pair of soft ear pads that you can take off if the temperature starts to rise. This makes it ideal for all season and all mountain use.

We also loved how comfortable the unit feels when we put it on. It fit snugly enough to keep our head from moving around but didn’t press down too hard. And with the six available sizes, there’s one that fits everyone perfectly.

POC Sports also makes a women’s specific version of this helmet, adapted to the typical female anatomy. And although there are fewer available sizes, the included size adjustment system makes it easy to customize it to just the right fit.


Although we appreciate the minimalist design, we did at times find ourselves missing our Bluetooth-enabled helmet that allowed us to stream music from our phone straight into the unit. You can still have your tunes while wearing the Skull Light, but you’ll have to either stick to using regular earphones or get yourself a helmet communication system, such as the UClear HBC220 Force.


You can’t get around wearing a helmet when you participate in impact sports. They’re absolutely essential. But finding the right one doesn’t have to be a hassle. For safety and comfort, you can’t go wrong with the POC Skull Light helmet.