One Night Stand

Why the Pelican ProGear 9420 Is the Best Light for Work and Play


The Pelican ProGear 9420 is a free-standing lithium-ion battery powered LED work light. It has a collapsible tripod base and a mast that extends to 5 feet. Equipped with twin dual-mode LEDs that yield 1,000 lumens, the 9420 claims 2-4 hours of light per charge.

Pelican Progear 9420 Work Light – INITIAL THOUGHTS

There is one word to describe the Pelican 9420: useful. The pelican’s obvious purpose is to be a free standing light to illuminate an engine compartment, a workbench or other garage space. To be sure the 9420 excels at that task — its mast is high enough to stand over a fender, and the dual LED pump out enough light to get down into the nooks and crannies. But because it’s light, collapsible and cord-free, the 9420 lends itself to a seemingly endless number of potential creative purposes.

It’s the perfect  car camping accessory—we used it to cook perfect steaks on our camp stove, and then to illuminate a nearby boulder for some nighttime rock climbing; the picture above on the right shows how well it worked for us. Photographers may find creative ways to use the 9420 to bounce light around. Event organizers can use it to light signage or dark sidewalks. It’s easy to see how the 9420 would be an excellent addition to an emergency preparedness kit as well. It seems that as long as it continues to get dark at night there will be new uses for this light.


We like that the Pelican collapses to a compact lightweight package that is easy to carry (and you can purchase a shoulder strap for it). Unlocking the tripod and extending the mast is quick and easy, and the 9420’s tripod is wide enough to be stable.

Plus, lithium-ion batteries are fantastic — and the pelican’s rechargeable battery pack is no exception. It comes with a snap-in charger that provides a full charge in 2 hours. We like that the battery pack has colored marks that make orienting and snapping in the pack (both into the light and the charger) easy. With a full-charge and with both LEDs at their lowest setting, expect the charge to last 4 hours; at their highest setting, expect 2 hours. That may be a good compromise between weight, size and battery-life. But, if you have a long job (or, it’s winter and you live in Norway) you can always purchase additional batteries, separately.


The Pelican ProGear 9420 represents everything we love about great tools: well-made, innovative, easy-to-use and out and out useful.