Hail to the King’s Lane

Welcome to the Most Successful Luxury Shopping Site on the Web

Home decor choices can tell you a lot about a person. While fashion can do the same thing, but outfitting a room is pricier and requires a greater commitment. It lets others understand how multiple people’s personal lives converge and function around each another. And, most importantly, it directly impacts those living in that space, because design influences moods and emotions, ideally in a positive light.

While individual home styles may differ, we all want to live in a beautiful space — but time and money make outfitting a dream home difficult. Fortunately, the internet has changed that.

Take, for example, One Kings Lane. Founded in 2009 by Susan Feldman and Alison Pincus, the company connects consumers with undiscovered, high-end vendors who typically sell only through interior designers or specialty retailers. What’s more, they offer those items at deeply discounted prices—sometimes as much as 70% off—during 72-hour sales events.

The One Kings Lane Review – How It Works

Each morning at 8 a.m. PST, a selection of new sales events start, and each sale runs for about 72 hours. Shoppers can either pop onto the site or open their daily email to check out what specials are being offered that day.

What makes One Kings Lane different from other home sites is the quality products and overall shopping experience. Everything from dishes and table settings for the dining room and kitchen, to bedding, candles, vases and artwork for the rest of the house, as well as larger objects like area rugs and furniture are offered. Items can be viewed either in an online showroom or by itself, with everything you need to know about the product listed right there so you can imagine how it would work in your own home.

More Than a Basic Shopping Site

Photo from One Kings Lane review article

Beyond offering works from established names and emerging design houses, the One Kings Lane website also features exclusive merchandise for members. These include set props from blockbuster Hollywood movies, as well as carefully curated vintage pieces that can’t be found in mainstream stores. They also offer decorating tips and suggestions, along with interviews of famous faces in the design and entertainment worlds. This makes it more than a shopping website; it’s also an interesting, thoughtful destination for inspiration.

So, how can they offer these kinds of discounts? One Kings Lane partners with brands to offer them marketing and merchandising, which helps these companies build their businesses. This brings in new customers who will continue buying the brand’s products.

Because designers can’t afford to make huge quantities of their best products available at these prices, the quantities offered are limited. In fact, they frequently sell out before the end of the sale. That’s why One Kings Lane requires customers to first become a member of the free site, and these private sales are then made available only to their members.

That means the furniture and accessories you probably thought you could never own, designs you never imagined but that surprise and delight your senses, are now within your grasp.