The Fogless Shower Mirror That Keeps You Upright


The ToiletTree LED Fogless Shower Mirror With Squeegee is a super-convenient mirror for shaving. Setting up shop in your shower, this nifty product is guaranteed not to fog up while you’re shaving away last night’s scruff. The device secures to the shower wall via a soft silicone adhesive that promises not to damage or scrape those custom-made Spanish tiles you paid a fortune to ship over.


No fog. Sounds impossible, right? We thought so, too, but we’re no scientists so we gave it a go.


It’s actually one of those basic ideas from high-school chemistry class; filling up the compartment behind the mirror with warm water keeps the mirror from fogging up. (Simple as it sounds, it still impressed the hell out of us.)

Set up the mirror on your shower wall, or shelf, and then just move your shower head to the side while you shave. The product will adhere anywhere you like — and removal is a cinch. Should water splash up on the mirror, the good folks over at ToiletTree included a squeegee.

By now, most people know that LED lights are the way to go, so it helps that this mirror is framed with a soft LED glow. The company also thought to include batteries for the light, which we thought was a nice bonus.

The mirror comes with a stand, too, so if your shower has shelves and/or a bench, feel free.


We really had to think hard to come up with any caveats to this system, so we finally settled on this: If you happen to be incredibly eco-conscious, you may be bothered by the fact that using this fogless shower mirror may increase your water bill a touch.

Also, if your shower is old-school (read: small), the mirror will continually get splashed with water. But that’s what the enclosed squeegee is for.


It may sound a tad dramatic, but for those who use a proper razor and shaving cream, you will truly love this product. Believe it or not, it now goes on our list of five things we’d want if stranded on a desert island.