Need an Emergency Boost?

2 Hours of Power May Save the Day


The Rayovac 2-Hour Power charger is fueled by its CR123a battery and was specifically designed to ensure that no cell phone, iPad or tablet owner is ever without battery life. This is ideal for moments when you’ve forgotten your charger or the power is knocked out by a storm.


When we first picked up the charger, we were thrilled with its compact size. It can easily be carried in a bag, purse or even in a pants pocket. Right off the bat, we were convinced that every Smartphone owner should keep Rayovac’s 2-Hour Power within reach.

Seriously, how many times have you been stuck in an airport or on the road without a charger and wished there were a device that could provide a quick power boost?


The Rayovac 2-Hour Power charger product comes comes in two models: The first is compatible with Apple’s iPhone and iPad adapters, while the second comes with a Micro USB adapter for Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, HTC and other similar products.

The device is very easy to use. Simply insert a Rayovac CR123a battery and plug the charger into your phone or tablet. Each battery provides two hours of juice. The more batteries you keep on hand, the more charging power you will have — no matter where you roam.


You never have to worry about your phone battery running out of power, even in the face of a power outage. Smartphones play such a major role in our lives that this is the type of insurance we need in today’s modern world.


The Rayovac 2-Hour Power Micro Charger is an excellent value. Not only is it inexpensive at $8.99, the product’s reliance on batteries makes it the most versatile charger on the market. It’s a good idea to purchase a unit for all family members. Just make sure you keep plenty of Rayovac CR123a batteries on hand, as they aren’t the most common battery type on the market.