Block Out the World!

Incredible Noise Canceling Headphones Live on Able Planet


Able Planet True Fidelity noise canceling headphones were developed to block out any and all sounds that can interfere with the music listening experience. When powered on, their Active Noise Reduction Circuitry eliminates external chatter — whether you want to play music or not. This makes them ideal for long-haul flights and moments of peace within a noisy home or office.


The handsomely designed headphones are relatively lightweight and fit comfortably over the ears. And, yes, when the noise canceling switch is turned on, the world becomes nearly silent. To access the tunes of my choice, I initially plugged the True Fidelity headphones into my computer console with the supplied (industry standard) audio cable. They can also be plugged into a smartphone, iPad, iPod, or other music playing device.


The noise canceling feature works like a charm — so well that while using them, I’ve had a few of my colleagues lift them off my ears to deliver a verbal message. The headphones are nicely padded and don’t pinch or place put too much pressure on the ears, while the portion sitting against the top of the head is solid but very comfortable. Most importantly, when the music is pumping it sounds exceptionally good.


One day at the office, I attempted to pull the headphones off my head and opened them a little two wide to the right. This caused the connector between the right headband and earpiece to break. My advice to anyone considering the purchase of a pair is that they work brilliantly — just make sure you handle them with care and avoid pulling them off with too force or too wide.

Able Planet True Fidelity Headphones Review – CONCLUSION

Able Planet created a winning pair of noise canceling headphones where sound quality and comfort are concerned. The fact that they are wired (rather than wireless) makes them easy to use and compatible with nearly any music-emitting device. To enjoy them for months to come, handle with care as to not snap the connector.