Danger Calling

Should You Be Worried About the Radiation from Your iPhone?

By now you’ve heard the stories and seen the videos of cell phones burning their users pocket or spontaneously combusting in people’s hands. While phone companies are constantly trying to assure the public that their phones are safe, sometimes the evidence says otherwise. And while many industry “experts” say cell phone radiation affecting your body is a myth, new studies have found that it may actually be a legitimate cause for concern as well.

But don’t worry. Even though the mainstream public hasn’t been thinking about cell phone radiation over the past decade, someone has.

A cell phone case called mJoose was just released for Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s that not only protects your phone, extends battery life, and offers incredible signal amplification, but it also reduces radiation exposure by up to 70%.

This is important for a number of reasons. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 83% of American adults own a cell phone – either for emergencies or convenience. On top of that, 78% of teens over the age of 12 have their own phone. Trends also show that these kids are spending more and more time on their phones than ever, and that means greater potential exposure to radiation that was never present 10 years ago.

mjooseTechnologyIcons3While we don’t yet know the lasting effects of decades-long smart phone radiation exposure on the human body, animal testing has given us a glimpse of the possibilities.

In an experiment published in the May 2016 issue of Scientific American, scientists found that lab rats exposed to the same type of radiation that our phones emit were developing tumors in their brains and hearts. The rats were exposed for 9 hours each day, and while most did not develop any problems, a significant amount did. Rats that weren’t exposed to this radiation did not develop any tumors.

The mJoose case was designed to reduce the amount of radiation exposure that its users receive. But it doesn’t stop there. While they were making cell phones safer, they were also developing ways to make your cell phone more efficient. This includes prolonging your phone’s battery life by up to 120% and amplifying your phone’s signal by up to 100x signal strength* — all while protecting your phone in a sleek, case.

Whether you want longer battery life, improved signal, or simply protection from cell phone radiation, mJoose is helping people everywhere enjoy their lives in a more convenient and safe way.

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