Sun Power

Manhattan Solar Power Pack: The Solar Charger That Makes All Other Sources Obsolete


The Manhattan Solar Power Pack is a rechargeable external backup power source for portable electronic devices, including phones and tablets. It provides up to 45 additional hours of power in the absence of conventional sources.


Lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the portability of this device is great for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. It comes with several attachments to use on various devices, as well as a small travel pouch that makes storage of all the contents convenient.


Whether you juice it up through a USB port or use direct sunlight, rest assured that your phone and other devices will have a backup power source, in case you find yourself with a dwindling battery and no outlet for a regular charger. The LED indicators are helpful to keep track of the product’s available power levels.

It’s also perfect for movers and shakers, who don’t have time to sit around and wait for their devices to charge up.


The functionality is great, but those who like their products to have an attractive design might find themselves disappointed by the charger’s bland look.


The Manhattan Solar Power Pack charger is great for everyday convenience and an absolute must-have during emergency situations.