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Best-In-Class: Makita's Powerful Lithium-Ion Drill


Since its humble beginnings in 1915 in Anjō, Japan, Makita has been noted as a premiere power tool brand. Its 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill is a perfect example of why Makita is the envy of tool-enthusiasts across the world.


Plain and simple, the Makita cordless drill is beautiful. Its various parts come together much like a Porsche — sleek and powerful. Weighing only 5 pounds, it’s very lightweight and easy to hold for extended periods of time. This is ideal for projects that require you to work at strange angles or need to climb a ladder.


While the drill weighs less than most in its class, its 4-pole motor (with 480 pounds of Max Torque and 290 pounds of PTI torque) makes it quite powerful.  The rubberized handle is extremely comfortable and provides the perfect amount of leverage. Another great feature is the LED light, which makes working in dark spaces much easier. Last, but not least, it only takes less than an hour to fully charge the Makita cordless drill. No more waiting for hours to complete a job due to a charge taking multiple hours.


The battery cover is a bit flimsy and other reviewers have found the chuck to be wobbly at times. Compared to other drills the Makita is definitely more expensive than others on the market, but the old adage “you get what you pay for” is definitely true in this case.

Makita 18 Volt Lithium Ion Drill Review – CONCLUSION

The Makita 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill is a timeless classic and solid investment. With its power, high-end construction and 3-year factory warranty, one can expect the drill to make a solid companion for the long-haul.

As an aside, one of my colleagues recently shared that he wants to purchase this exact drill, but there is just one thing holding him back: “I keep hoping  my 5-year-old Makita will break, but it’s made too well. There is no way I can justify the purchase with my wife  knowing it’s in near-perfect shape.”

This is a true testament to the value of a Makita!