Wearable Tech

Mujjo Keeps You Connected in the Cold

What Is It?

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves are equipped with a  revolutionary nanotechnology that gives the entire glove surface the same conductive properties of your skin. This  allows you to use your fingertips, palm, wrist, or any area the glove is touching to make calls, browse the web, and send texts.

Made out of Ethiopian lambskin leather for durability, they come with 100 percent wool lining for warmth and comfort.

This Dutch company also just introduced another first Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves. Fashioned with crocheted Egyptian cotton, they are a powerful addition to its leather collection, which was successfully brought onto the market a year ago.

Initial Thoughts

Before trying out the gloves ourselves, we imagined them working just like all the previous versions of touchscreen tech we’ve tried out. We’re used to manufacturers placing a few conductive pads on the index and middle finger and calling it a day.

But we were impressed with how Mujjo’s approach allowed us to use our devices conveniently and without limitation.


Do they actually function as promised? Yes. These are some serious man-gloves that are both tech savvy and a stylish option to keep your hands warm. The luxurious leather also has some incredible isolation properties–these bad boys work no matter what finger you’re using, or what angle you happen to be working from. Honestly, you could probably even type with your knuckles if you had to.


The crocheted gloves have also been treated and are windproof, soil and water resistant. And they even include anti-microbial properties.


The only issue you may have with these products is the sizing–gloves come in four hand sizes. Getting the proper fit is important for a smooth touch experience. Depending on the size of your wrist, Mujjo offers a slick leather strap and two studs to choose from.

Sizing guide available here.


If you’re in search of leather touchscreen gloves that are comfortable, functional and tasteful, look no further than Mujjo.

Among other things, the company has even improved the manufacturing process of the nanotechnology to reduce the cost price, making the gloves 30 percent more affordable.

Available for purchase through Mujjo’s website.