Beauty and Brawn

Why This Could Be the Best Lock for Your Home


The Kwikset SmartCode Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt looks like some serious high-tech hardware for your home — and it is — but it’s also an easy-to-install deadbolt that will protect your family while simplifying your life.


If you have kids, are forgetful, leave your house through the garage rather than the front door, or just hate shoving a handful of keys into your pocket every time you go out, this deadbolt is for you. Just install it on your door in place of the normal deadbolt, insert four AA batteries into the lock’s inside compartment, enter a four- to eight-digit code, and you’re good to go. Once the door closes you can either press the lock button on the digital pad, or wait 30 seconds and it will lock on its own. It’s that simple.

The SmartCode has been a life saver since we installed it. There’s no more sudden panic while driving to work or dinner or a family outing; if the kids forgot to lock the front door, we know the deadbolt locked itself automatically. When guests visit, there’s no need to hide a key for their arrival. We just set a separate code for visitors, and they can let themselves in when they arrive. After the visit, we can change the code in less than 10 seconds.

Plus, this device is a sturdy piece of equipment. The hardware, which matches other knobs and door handles from Kwikset, looks like a formidable deterrent without seeming crazy or paranoid. It offers the right balance between sanity and security.


In addition to the great features listed above, the pad lights up at night so you can easily see what you’re doing. If the door doesn’t shut all the way (which will prevent the deadbolt from sliding into place), the SmartCode will beep to let you know.

You can also silence the lock, shut it off if you’re hosting an event where people will be frequently entering and exiting your home and there are two regular keys included, just in case you want to go old-school.

If your home has a computerized security system, the SmartCode has the ability to sync up with it. See our “Specs” section for more info.

But the biggest bonus? When people come to visit they all want to check it out; they think it’s one of the coolest things they’ve ever seen.


Technically, anyone can install this lock so you don’t need to call a professional. However, it’s not forgiving, so you need to make sure it’s lined up perfectly. When we tried to install it, the deadbolt was sticking in the door frame, so we actually had to get some help from a relative.


It’s tough, it looks good and it gives peace of mind. For us, that’s a winning combination.