Beautiful Brew

Why This Keurig Can Bring Peace and Great Coffee to Your Home or Office


You’ve probably seen Keurig coffee makers before, and in theory they seem pretty neat. The appliances let you pick your favorite type of brew pack — coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc. — put it into the machine and seconds later you’re enjoying a hot or cold beverage. But when we were sent the Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System, we had three big questions that needed answering:

  • How good are the beverages?
  • Do you create a lot of trash from those used brew packs?
  • Why would someone want this over a traditional, inexpensive coffee maker?

We let our office try it out, and here’s what we found.


The drinks are as good as the brew pack you buy. You can always rely on solid standbys like the mellow Starbucks Breakfast Blend or dark and strong Revv Coffee, but part of the fun is buying variety packs and discovering new beverages. For example, Green Mountain’s hot apple cider and French vanilla iced coffee, as well as Cafe Escapes milk chocolate hot cocoa, were all great additions to our caffeinated lives. Others were a bit too sweet and cloying for our tastes (Gloria Jean’s hazelnut coffee and Cafe Escapes cafe caramel specialty), but since you’re only committing to one cup it’s not a huge waste if you don’t enjoy a particular flavor. And, with more than 70 options, there’s plenty to choose from.


Not as much as you’d think. This Keurig model has brew packs with foil tops and plastic bottoms, so after making your cup you can peel off the top, toss out the insides, and recycle the bottom. Likewise, when making coffee with a traditional pot you usually brew more than you need and toss out the extra, but in this case you only brew what you use.


It’s simple: brew speed, plus the variety of flavors and beverages, means a great overall experience. Once you start brewing, it take the Keurig less than a minute to complete the job. Even the busiest of us can wait that long. Plus, it comes with strength and temperature controls, as well as seven brew sizes, so you can fully customize your cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, iced drink and any other beverage you’re making.

More importantly, that variety removed all the tension from our office kitchen.

In offices (and homes), there always seems to be that one person who feels like he’s constantly making coffee for everyone. There’s also the “mom” who feels like she’s always cleaning up after everyone. And then there are the endless complainers who think the coffee is too strong, too old, too weak, or too-disgusting-and-unhealthy-to-ever-drink-which-is-why-they-only-brew-green-tea-and-feel-superior-to-everyone-else. This Keurig handles all that. Each person can brew what he or she wants, the way they want it. The drip-catch tray keeps the counter clean and with a quick flip of the lid, the brew packs can be easily tossed out. Plus, it’s just kind of cool to snap down the lid, push a button and watch it go to work.

In all honesty, our kitchen has never been cleaner or calmer.

Sure, we had to refill the reservoir often because so many people were using it, but if that’s the only challenge we have to face in a day then life is good.