Use This Every Day

Kaufmann Mercantile Invents the Greatest Gadget Ever


The Everyday Carry (EDC) Kit from Kaufmann Mercantile is designed with the idea of keeping everything streamlined in your life. The online maker of high-end goods writes “you want items that do the most while taking up as little pocket space as possible.” So true. Long ago we donated our wallets for sleek carbon-fiber money clips and slim leather card holders.

Narrowing the list of items deemed vital to our everyday lives is debatable, but one of the gadgets included on the EDC Kit is a 2-inch pry bar. This tool was specially requested by the U.S. Military for its soldiers. Forged from industrial-grade metal, the mini crow bar can be used to pick, pry or cut just about anything you face in your daily — and dare we say, pampered — life.

Other items hanging from your new favorite accessory include:

  • a waterproof lighter with an airtight seal
  • a pair of black-oxide, hardened-steel screwdrivers (a Phillips and a flathead)
  • a pair of stainless-steel tweezers (because sometimes you just gotta pluck that rogue hair)

Everything weighs less than 2 ounces and attaches to a titanium split key ring.


We were introduced to Kaufmann Mercantile about a year ago via the online company’s extensive list of articles on different materials, various how-to’s and Q&A’s with artists and designers. So when we discovered the EDC Kit, we knew we had a good thing on our hands. And, yes, of course the EDC Kit is a bit pricey, but it looks so effin’ cool. (The photos don’t do the materials justice.) It’s minimalistic yet also very Louis Vuitton meets REI.


There’s not one thing we could find wrong with this product. The waterproof lighter is, honestly, such a great gadget. It’s the ultimate item to have in case of an emergency. KM even thought to throw in an extra washer and flint. However, this nifty lighter is not a toy, boys: Keep in mind that it gets very hot in less that a minute. Though it can stand upright on its own, don’t get too generous, as you’ll want to reserve the small amount of lighter fluid for when you really need it.

We also think the pin-point precision tweezers are just about the coolest pair we’ve come across in a good long while. Crafted from a solid piece of spring-tempered stainless-steel, these mini-grippers are designed in such a way that they never fall out of their holder.


We love the EDC Kit probably more than we should. If we had to come up with one thing we didn’t like about it, we’d have to say that we now feel obligated to purchase a set for every friend and family member we know. Which could get spendy.