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Focused Space's Slimline Backpack Reviewed

Focused Space Slimline Review — What is it?

The Focused Space Slimline is a compact, lightweight backpack and electronics carrying case that comes complete with several hidden pockets and lots of padding. The pack has different compartments designed to safely store your laptop, tablet, and phone. It also features several exterior pockets for storing smaller items.

Initial thoughts

The pack is pleasing to the eye and on first try is perfectly functional. It fits a large laptop (14-inches max) snugly and securely in the designated area. Plenty of padding protects all electronics, while the nylon loops hold mouses, chargers, and other accessories well — so well that it doesn’t leave them exposed to the elements.


Focused Space’s brand name rings true. The Slimline makes excellent use of space and is perfect for transporting important objects around campus or town. It also sits up higher on your back, rather than drooping as many other backpacks in the marketplace do.

The Slimline’s magnetic snaps secure the main enclosure function perfectly, closing tightly while still being simple and quick to open. To ensure the safety of your electronics, there’s a buckle above the laptop compartment. The material is sturdy and durable enough to put your mind at ease.


Its rigid design is not idea for long-term comfort, as it remains stiff and doesn’t fully conform to the shape of your back. While the pack offers an excellent storage configuration, it has limited space if you’re looking to use if for road trips or carrying lots of equipment around.  The limited space and very small exterior pockets don’t allow for extra cargo, and the magnetic latches won’t close if the pack is overloaded.


The Slimline is aesthetically appealing, but don’t let its label as a standard backpack fool you. It’s most effective when only used as a carrying case for a tablet or laptop, and related accessories. Useful for school or work, but those looking for a pack to take hiking or on long road trips should invest in a larger bag.