DropLED Pro Review

See everything -- no matter how abusive you are toward your gear

If you use a drop light, the DropLED Pro is tops. It’s brighter than most work devices, cooler, and takes one heck of a beating.

The guy in the video above is Jennings Brown, Associate Editor at Popular Mechanics. They got a sample of the DropLED Pro, and in a quick 90-second review you can check out some of the torture this tool can take.

To put it in perspective, a “Harsh Duty” bulb delivers 1700 scotopic lumens, as much light as a 150 watt “Rough Service” bulb, but from a mere 12 watts. Its full spectrum LED light eliminates eye strain and reveals detail on every surface. And it fits any standard screw base holder, so you can keep the one you like.

We’ve posted all the stats here, but the video shows it getting beaten up in some very unrealistic situations. If it can handle a bat or a sledgehammer, chances are good it will work in your shop, too.

And while some people might balk at the $99.95 price tag, if it lasts a long time and you don’t have to worry about it breaking from a fall — or when your kids kick it while playing in your workshop — then we see it as a really good investment.