Stylish Coats & Jackets for Winter

Desigual Averd Jacket Mixes Practicality with Great Design


You’ve already got fall fashion trends hanging in the closet, so all that remains are a few winter coats. As the mercury drops, you’ll want to stay warm and look stylish. The Desigual Averd hooded jacket is for men who prefer a more relaxed look.


We were first introduced to Desigual (pronounced desiˈɣwal) while visiting Europe years ago, and we’ve always been impressed with their cool designs.

Desigual is a Spanish brand based in Barcelona. It takes the consumer on a journey of the imagination by playing with lights and color. It is known for it’s colorful hues, bold prints, and tasteful designs that reflect an optimism and passion for life. Owning one of their shirts, coats or pants makes you stand out in a crowd — usually in good way, though some of their bigger graphics were a bit too “fashion forward” for US audiences; however, when the company sent us their new Averd coat to try out, we were thrilled with how it mixed both practicality and great design.


The tan and dark blue are more causal than some of Desigual’s designs, but the fitted cut and Montgomery buttoning holds enough style to make it feel like you’re wearing a high-end coat. The outside is 100 percent cotton, but treated in such a way that it keeps the rain and snow off. It’s also deceptively warm, which comes from the coat’s polyester, wool and polyamide interior.


We wore it during Thanksgiving weekend in Detroit when daytime temperatures were in the 40s, and it did a great job of keeping the cold out. With the hood up, our heads even stayed comfortable. Later, we took the Averd to San Francisco where the amount of walking one does in the city can turn heavy coats into a burden. The Averd worked well in those conditions because it’s really lightweight, and with the buttons and zipper front we could adjust the warmth as needed. Temperatures there ranged from 40 to the mid-60s, and it worked for all occasions.

While wearing this jacket, don’t be surprised if you are constantly complimented for your effortless style. We were stopped numerous times on the street and all of our friends wanted to steal it off our back.


Once the weather dips cooler than 40 degrees, it’s clear that a bulkier coat would be needed. Luckily, the Averd is not your only option when it comes to keeping the cold out. There are also a range of warmer coats in Desigual’s Winter Collection to help you brace yourself against the elements, including the Zurtz, Dokan, and Xavier.


Stylish, tasteful, and warm? The Desigual Averd jacket is all of these things (and more).

Do you have Desigual in your wardrobe? You can find Desigual stores in major US cities and on the Internet, which makes buying their merch even easier.