Connect and Drive

A Little Tool That Delivers Hands Free Access


The SuperTooth Crystal speakerphone is a Bluetooth device that lets you stay connected on the road if your car doesn’t have a built-in hands-free device. It pairs with up to eight other Bluetooth devices and can connect with two phones at one time. The multi-use speakerphone is also able to stream music or navigation instructions from your smartphone.


The sleek, round design added a stylish touch, slipping onto the sun visor with ease for a quick, no-fuss installation. Pairing my phone was just as easy with plain and simple instructions.


The ease of use is one of this speakerphone’s best features. With big, easy-to-access buttons, answering or making calls and switching from function to function is quick, allowing you to stay focused during your drive. It also automatically connects with your phone so you don’t have to turn it on and off when you get into the car.

Perhaps the bets part is its battery life: 20 hours talk time or 40 days of standby on one full charge. And you won’t be caught off guard with a sudden power loss; it beeps when it’s low on juice and needs another charge.


While the speakerphone is great for making calls and a caller’s voice come through clearly, some of the frills can seem irrelevant. The sound quality isn’t great for listening to music, and I found myself switching back to the radio instead of listening to my phone’s music playlist on the speakerphone. Also, turning up the volume past a certain level can cause the sound to become muffled and ratty.


For talking and listening to your calls the SuperTooth Crystal speakerphone is more than adequate and does a great job of keeping you safe, but don’t expect it to replace your current sound system.