Huntin’ Never Looked So Good

The Swedish Companion MG Cuts Like a Knife (Should)


The MoraKniv Companion MG is an all-in-one knife for those who worship their time outdoors. Crafted in Sweden, this particular knife has two main aspects: The blade is forged from cold-rolled stainless-steel, while the handle is crafted with a high-friction grip rubber. The Companion MG comes in a plastic sheath with a belt clip and is offered in six different colors.


You had us at Sweden. Seriously, though, we do tend to love our international gear — something so top-tier about it. Where’d you get that snazzy coat? Savile Row. Where’d you find that great flask? Japan. This MoraKniv is no different. Made in the small town of Östnor, supposedly knives are the culture of this village. According to the MoraKniv website, “Knives have been crafted in Östnor for over a century. Once they were made in every home by local craftsmen who passed down their skills from generation to generation.” Each and every knife boasts:

  • Swedish design
  • Swedish engineering
  • Swedish stainless-steel
  • Swedish made

So we were already impressed by the time it showed up on our doorstep. However, we weren’t prepared for the plastic case that came with it. (Meaning, we weren’t super impressed.) Still, we were so jazzed to get out in the woods to try it that the snobby side of us quieted down real fast.


We love it! The stainless-steel blade on this puppy is razor sharp. It sliced through wood chunks like a hot knife through butter. For the smaller more intimate whittling jobs, the size of the blade was perfect and the rubber handle felt really good in our hands. And while our first impressions of the case and belt clip were deemed a bit G.I. Joe-esque, the whole package felt manly enough and the clip kept the knife firmly in place.


The biggest problem we had was getting the knife back into the sheath. It wasn’t difficult per say, but you need to be very mindful as you’re doing it. The knife will lock-in, either way, but if it’s not returned to its home facing in the proper direction (the arrow on the handle should mirror the direction of the arrow on the sheath), it will slice you the next time it comes out to play.


We really (really) like MoraKniv’s Companion MG knife. It feels great in our hand, the military-green color is mod-cool and it doesn’t cost a fortune. Sold!