Auto-Pilot for Plants

Click and Grow - The NASA-Inspired Garden You Won't Kill


Upon first glance, you may think this gadget is a bit strange. After all, why would you want a battery-powered appliance to grow an herb garden? Unless, of course, you were thinking of growing pot — which we’re not suggestion for two key reasons: 1. It’s illegal, and 2. You’ll probably need more electricity and time then this device can provide. (Don’t ask how we know that.)

The Click and Grow garden is inspired by NASA breakthroughs, and it offers plant roots the perfect amount of water, oxygen and nutrients, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. All it takes to grow fresh basil (or other plans Click and Grow offers) is to insert batteries and water as instructed — and the rest is history. Within a few weeks, you’ll be the owner of a healthy plant that can be used in your cooking endeavors, or eaten fresh if you’re into that sort of thing.


Set up is very easy. Insert the required 4 AA batteries and fill the water reservoir with one liter of water. Place in a sunny windowsill. That’s it!

Click and Grow is programmed to water your herb garden at specific intervals. And when the water reservoir needs to be refilled, it lets you know. Follow directions, and you’ll see sprouts popping within 10 days.  The instructions claim the plant will be full-sized within three to four weeks.

The most amazing thing about the herb garden is definitely that it’s made to live for between eight months to a year. If you’re on the go like most of us are at TopKit, the prospect of keeping a plant alive for more than a few months (without having to remember to water it all the time) is a beautiful concept.


Click and Grow is small and doesn’t put out huge masses of herbs or flowers. It’s most beneficial for the single guy looking to throw a modest amount of herbs into a batch of spaghetti or over a fresh piece of fish. Also, you can only grow one plant type at a time, so you’ll have to invest in other units if you want to grow two or more plants. Still, having one up is good for you, your food, and it busts the stereotype that guys always kill their plants — at least until she finds out the truth — which ultimately makes it a pretty great thing in our book.


This is a great gadget for those on-the-go people who’ve always wanted to successfully grow their own herbs, veggies, and flowers. When you make the big purchase, you’ll be able to choose between tomatoes, basil, chilies, cockscomb (don’t laugh), or strawberries. You can also buy a variety of refills if you’d like to grow other plant types.

See Click and Grow garden in action: