Capsule Minimalist Wallet Review

The Coolest, Smallest Wallet a Man Can Own

Capsule Minimalist Wallet Review –¬†What Is It?

The Capsule Minimalist wallet provides the perfect vehicle for carrying your money, driver’s license, and credit cards without the usual bulk. Its design was conceived with the premise that the guy-on-the-go shouldn’t be weighed down by anything but the necessities.


The Capsule is nicely constructed and comes in a variety of colors and leather types. It fits easily (and fully) into either your front or back pocket. If you’re going to hang out or travel to a spot where there are a lot of pickpockets, the wallet is perfect.


The only real limitation is the lack of pocket space for multiple cards. It also takes a bit of time to break it in. Once it’s broken in, it’s safe to say you can accommodate your driver’s license, a few credit cards, and a limited amount of cash.


The Capsule Minimalist can simplify your life on a number of levels. While we list the limited number of card-carrying capacity as a “con,” this is actually the whole point of the wallet’s design. For you to enjoy it fully (as we have in the testing process), you have to be willing to pair down to the essentials. How often have you looked at your bulky wallet and wondered why the heck you’re carrying so many items you never use? After you get use to the Capsule, you’ll be happy simplified.

It’s also a great option for travelers who want to lighten their load. We also were impressed with the variety of color and leather options. Beginning at $50, the Capsule Minimalist is also a great value.