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The Boreas Bootlegger Reviewed

Boreas Bootlegger Review — What Is It?

The Boreas Bootlegger is a modular packing system strategically designed for hiking, cycling, running, kayaking, and most other outdoor activities. Within the Bootlegger are three unique packs — the Torpedo hydration pack, Hopper day pack, and Scrimshaw dry bag.

Conceived by Boreas Gear, Inc. — and funded via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign — the Bootlegger is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast who lives for the unexpected adventure.

For instance, say find yourself at Zion National Park in Utah for a combo of rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking. Depending on the activity you engage in or the current weather conditions, you can configure your pack to be water resistant, lightweight, and/or suspension ready at any given moment.


The Boreas Bootlegger looks great. Its handsome design makes it a conversation piece, as it looks quite different from most sporty backpacks.

When you get it into your hands, it’s apparent that the Bootlegger is made with high-quality materials — Ripstop Nylon to be exact. The pack’s straps are sturdy, and it comes equipped with several helpful accessories including hidden daisy chains, stretch pockets, a hydration port, and tool loop.

We love the shape of the Bootlegger, because it fits nicely against your body. Plus, its 7000 series aluminum frame provides excellent support, whether you’re commuting to work or mountain biking on rigorous trails.

Once you get the hang of the Bootlegger’s configuration, you’ll realize its genius. This video perfectly explains its concept, uses, and benefits.


While the Bootlegger is a genius concept, it does take a bit of time to figure out how it works. Boreas does a great job of explaining how it comes together, but you’ll need to do some investigating to master it.

The other issue is that it doesn’t come with a hydration bladder; however, the included hydration pack is compatible with a hydration bladder that fits up to 100 ounces of fluid. This is explained in detail by Boreas, but we felt it’s important to mention you’ll need to make an additional purchase for it to be beverage ready.


It isn’t uncommon for individuals to make hefty investments into several different pack types for their outdoor activities. That being said, we love the fact that a single investment in a Bootlegger reaps multiple benefits. Overall, it’s a great buy!