Not Just a Bottle, Just Great Sound

One More Wireless Speaker You Can't Live Without


Designed for the active listener, Scosche’s new boomBOTTLE Bluetooth wireless speaker delivers full, warm sound in a package meant to withstand spills and splashes. The unit’s unique cylindrical shape houses two 3W speakers and hidden subwoofer. The bottle is designed to fit in bicycle bottle holders (and cup holders, too), though it’s also perfectly capable of standing on its own. Bells and whistles include voice prompts when connecting via Bluetooth, speakerphone capabilities and voice controls. It even comes with a carabineer.


The first thing we noticed about the boomBOTTLE was its unusual shape and its smooth rubberized exterior. This speaker begs to be picked up and its weight makes it feel solid and powerful. The unit is advertised as rugged and weatherproof, prompting much debate about how much of a beating the speaker could really take. (We stopped short at dunking it under water, however.) Scosche pulls off a nice trick here, creating a form factor that feels elegant enough to sit on the dining room table on game night, yet tough enough sit pool side during your backyard barbecue.


Connecting to the boomBOTTLE was a snap and we liked that the unit automatically reconnected to the last paired device whenever it was powered on. The unit charged in under three hours and, after a week of moderate use, has yet to run out of juice.  The auto-shut off feature definitely helps by having the speaker turn itself off after 15 minutes of inactivity.

We found the device bounced back from table-height falls with no problems. Also, the speaker worked great as a shower radio reacting well to condensation and splashes while delivering enough volume to be heard clearly.

Form factor aside, the ultimate judge of any speaker is sound quality and the boomBOTTLE delivers. The unit provides full and warm sound without being muddy. When listening to music, bass lines are clear and kick drums have a punch that you can really feel (especially when holding the unit). The speaker delivers plenty of volume before maxing out.


The bottle shape is an important part of this product’s identity, but it does make the unit top heavy and thus easier to knock over.  Also, while we liked the unit’s sound, it could benefit from a bit more brightness on the top end.


The boomBOTTLE provides big, balanced sound in a package built to go anywhere. Looking for a single portable speaker to meet your indoor and outdoor needs? Look no further.