Tons of Pop, Extra Wrist Protection

Is the Axe Avenger the Best Baseball Bat Ever?


The Baden Axe Avenger Fastpitch Bat is a high-end, two-piece composite softball bat with a patented handle that’s uniquely shaped like an ax handle. Historically, wrist injuries are quite common in baseball due to the rolling of the trailing wrist at the end of the swing. However, the Axe handle was developed for a more ergonomic fit (less chance of injury) and greater swing leverage. It’s become so popular that college and professional baseball players are considering the use of this technology themselves.


avenge_grip_1024x1024First and foremost the bat is beautifully designed, with its “Plus-Plus” composite barrel. Upon taking it into the hands, it feels solid and even a bit luxurious. Axe clearly indicates on the barrel the type of materials used, and that it is United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) friendly.


The Axe handle feels quite different from traditional barrel handles — in a very good way. When taking pitches, there’s a lot of pop and the the bat head is easy to control.


As mentioned prior, the handle is a definite strength; however, for long-time players there may be some adjustment time in getting use to its shape.


The Axe Avenger makes hitting a softball an absolute thrill. Not only does it feel great, it sounds amazing when a ball is solidly struck.