ALTAR Herbal Martini: A New Mixed-Drink Experience

This Mood Enhancer Is More than a Simple Drink Mixer


These all-natural and non-alcoholic drink mixers are infused with herbal teas, veggies, fruits, flowers and spices. The collection includes five unique blends, with cool names and high-impact concepts.altar-xl


Ok, we’re willing to admit all this sounds a little Sex and the City, chick-flick, but times they are a changin’. And today’s guy is watching his diet, running marathons, biking, hiking, and juicing — no one wants a mixer filled with so many calories.

But one of the most important reasons a guy has something in stock is to impress and woo his girl — if she’s happy, he’s happy.  These mixers are something every well-stocked bar should include, if for no other reason than to mix the right drink for the right mood.


Admittedly, we were reluctant at first. Fully expecting to taste the latest version of a new Kombucha, aka the rank looking and tasting fermented tea with the added spit glob floating at the bottom of it, we were thankfully surprised to discover that these mixers tasted more like a lighter version of pomegranate juice. Our editors sampled the Chi and Bliss mixers (sans liquor), but we can only imagine how easily these healthy drinks would stand up to the best high-end liquors.

The collection includes five flavors, and each flavor has a long list of palate and sensory experiences to look out for.

So yoga names or not, we’re advocating for the new and improved shaken, not stirred, Bond drink.

BLISS: Happiness. Satisfaction.
CHI: Energy. Vigor.
RESTORE: Strengthen. Rejuvenate.
CHILL Relax. Slow down.


Mostly because ALTAR mixers are clean, tasty, totally good for us, but most importantly, the ladies will love it!

With most mixers listing an average of 200 calories per glass, ALTAR tallies just 25 calories per serving. We also appreciate the thought and care that’s gone into the curation of all the flowers, veggies, spices, and fruit to make this a truly uncommon group of mixers.


When it comes to a good drink, why ruin great liquor with a mediocre mix. Not everyone enjoys their drink straight-up, so if you’re going to mix, you never have to worry with something as healthy and flavorful as these herbal mixes. These light, stellar mixes are brilliant behind any well-heeled bar.