Winter Neverland: Places with No Snow

Where to Go if You Hate the Snow

Miami, Florida

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The state of Florida can get really cold in the winter months, but you can find relief in the state’s southern cities. Miami is a prime example. With winter time highs averaging in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 60s, you may need to bring a few sweaters but don’t forget the sunglasses and swim wear– you’ll be using them. Also, according to, the maximum average precipitation occurs in June – way before the cool seasons even begin.

Some people are maniacs for the winter season, gearing up for the snow and sleet like it’s some sort of a sport. But many others aren’t exactly pumped up about the idea of shoveling snow from the driveway to get to work, worrying about tire chains and packing on pounds of extra layers to snow-proof their bodies before heading out the door. Some people just want to spend their winter months in locations where none of those things are an issue — they want to go to places with no snow.

If you fall in the latter category, you can either choose to move away from your current town altogether or just spend your holiday travel days in places that grant you freedom from your city’s wintery confines.

There are tons of places stateside and beyond where you can escape, and we have seven of them listed here. While we can’t guarantee 75-degree days throughout your stay, we can promise that unless Mother Nature decides to play a trick on you, the chances of you having to trudge through snow or get caught in a blizzard at these locations are slim to none. Scroll through our slideshow to see the picks.