Where Are They Now: Angelo Pizzo

Screenwriter reflects on his iconic sports films

Sports films are heroic, awe-inspiring, and they can change lives. It’s one of the reasons why Hollywood produces so many of these movies each year (with varying degrees of success). But two that have stood the test of time are Rudy and Hoosiers, both incredibly successful and written by screenwriter Angelo Pizzo. According to IMDB, Pizzo also wrote the feature filmĀ The Game of Their Lives in 2005, and an episode of Knott’s Landing in 1984 (you gotta start somewhere), and has worked on numerous other projects.

But what he’ll primarily be known for are Rudy and Hoosiers, stories of underdogs with a passion who overcame the odds and found glory in their own way. Sports Illustrated caught up with Pizzo. Check it out in the above video interview.