The New, Bold, Daring 2014 Corvette Stingray

This Corvette May Be the Best Ever

corvette stingray

The 2014 Corvette Stingray is causing a stir in the auto-world with its daringly sleek design and 455-horsepower V8 engine.

Beginning at a base price of $52,000, the Corvette  has been gifted with an all-new design, featuring completely redesigned headlights and a daringly angular profile. The car is undoubtedly handsome, but it has many Corvette loyalists on-edge.

“The back end takes a bit of getting use to and overall the car is a bit too heavy on the aggressive-side for my taste,” said long-time Corvette owner and enthusiast Christopher Hickey.

Corvette 2014 and its elder

The 2014 Corvette Stingray and its Elders

“In my mind, Corvette designs should be a cross between a roadster and a muscle car — one that can be driven fast but also leisurely down a winding country road. That being said, the engine, interior, and techno upgrades are A+. It’s a winner. [I’m] not going to get one, but it’s a winner,” added Hickey.

Hickey could be hitting the nail on the head where Corvette loyalists are concerned. While he and others may not invest in the Stingray, makers are hoping this new design will inspire a whole new generation of Corvette enthusiasts.

According to R.L. Polk & Co., from 2008 to June of 2013, only 2.6 percent of Corvette buyers have been 34 years old and younger. More than half of registered owners during this period were 55 and older. “We’re trying to get away from that,” explains Josh Holder, Corvette engineering manager. “Our customer base is going to die off.”

This statement is blunt — maybe even cutting — but it rings true to chief engineer Tadge Juechter, who dared to take bold risks when he developed the Corvette Stingray.

“We took some of the best aspects of racing and integrated them into this car,” Juechter recently told Fortune Magazine. “We took the best ideas we could find … this car’s body is stiffer than it’s ever been, allowing the driver to feel confident.”

Corvette Stingray Interior

2014 Corvette Stingray Interior

LA Times auto writer David Undercoffler briefly test-drove the car and concluded that General Motors has “hit the mark” with its new release.

“This 2014 Corvette isn’t a small car,” writes Undercoffler. Its heaviness allows for road-hugging cornering and increased precision. Additionally, the Stingray comes with either a seven-speed manual gearbox or six-speed automatic transmission.

Car and Driver’s assessment is also quite positive, giving the Stingray an A+ for effort, and straight A’s for execution.

See the Corvette Stringray in action: