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See the Custom Motorcycle Built to Run on Bacon--Yes--Bacon

After you cook a hearty breakfast of delicious bacon, you may wonder what you’re supposed to do with all that fatty grease — throw it away? Rinse it down the sink?

Thanks to the Hormel Foods Corporation, the answer is now to pour it into a motorcycle’s gas tank — but not just any motorcycle.

The Austin-based food manufacturer and marketing firm BBDO Minneapolis are sponsoring a motorcycle that runs on an organic biodiesel fuel derived from refined bacon grease. The unique bike will ride from Austin, Texas to Southern California this month in honor of the International Bacon Film Festival in San Diego.

While the bike will only have one rider, a team of 12 will accompany him to film the journey and release the footage as a documentary film. It will be screened at the film festival this year. The complex and delicious marketing ploy is sure to impress once the documentary premieres at the August 29th festival.

It’s all a marketing push for Hormel’s upcoming Black Label Bacon brand. We’d think bacon would simply sell itself.

“The journey is sort of the destination,” said BBDO account director Scott Schraufnagel.

Smithson and Barber designed the motorcycle itself based on a 2011 Track T-800CDI model. Once filming has wrapped and everyone’s buying Black Label Bacon and trying to adapt their cars to run on bacon grease, the motorcycle may be put on display in the Spam Museum.