Meet Mr. Big – The Tool Cabinet of Tool Cabinets

The $12,000+ Snap-On Tool Cabinet (It's Worth It)

Snap-On is known for its ability to continually up the ante for exceptional tool cabinets and boxes — and for causing a little controversy. Browse the Web, and you are sure to come upon the raging debate as to whether Snap-On’s cabinets are actually worth the costly investment.

Case in point: the aptly named Mr. Big, which is the envy of many garage-loving individuals. With its 35 drawers, 89,960 cubic inches of storage, 13 drawer sizes, and 8 swiveling casters for portability it really is the daddy of them all. It also comes at a cost of $12,000 or more depending on what you add to the mix.

mr big by snapon

Clearly, Snap-On assembles an amazing tool cabinet.  To put their durability to the test, the company even drove a dump truck onto six cabinets (one for each wheel):

dump truck on snapon

This 1-ton beauty is rated to hold 6,800 pounds of tools and equipment. And if that isn’t enough, he’s 100 percent expandable and versatile.

The question really isn’t whether or not you’d want one — the real question is do you have a garage (and bank account) big enough to house this puppy?