Essential iPhone apps for drinking with the guys

1. BeerCloud
Powered by, BeerCloud helps you pair beer with food, track down all your favorite beers in your neighborhood, discover the world of beer styles, and pull up a full description of nearly any beer in seconds.

Whether you’re a brewbie (brew newbie) who could use some guidance in making a well-educated purchase, a food-lover looking to discover new ways to enhance a meal with a complementary beer pairing, or simply a straight-up aficionado hoping to learn even more about new varieties, BeerCloud is an essential iPhone app.

2. Liquor Hub
Did you know that some of the world’s most decorated spirits can be had for $50 or less? Would you like to know which ones?

Liquor Hub gives you instant consumer and professional ratings for more than 6,000 vodkas, tequilas, whiskeys, and much more. They get their info by aggregating data from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the Beverage Testing Institute, and Wine Enthusiasts Magazine. The app also comes with a barcode scanner that lets you look up facts and ingredients on a particular liquor, so you can see what you’re getting yourself into before making a purchse.

3. Liquor Run
Ever gone out to buy a bottle of wine while on a vacation, only to find that every liquor store in town closed at 7p.m? Liquor Rum can help you find a convenient and open liquor store near you. It provides directions, store hours, and contact information. As if that weren’t enough, it also offers recipes and Top 10 lists of their favorite mixes, calorie info and alcohol content.

4. DrunkGuard
This app, if used correctly, could possibly save your life.

DrunkGuard can determine what your blood alcohol level is likely to be if you truthfully tell it (or remember) how many drinks you’ve consumed in a night. You can also save yourself some embarrassment by programming the app to block your texts or calls to certain people — like your ex, or that boss you hate— while you’re drunk.

5. R U Drunk
One of the most essential iPhone apps for drinking.  Fully intended to be a fun and free app, R U Drunk, comes features a series of games and tests intended to help determine if you’re drunk or not. We can’t vouch for the accuracy or safety associated with this app, particularly the breathalyzer function that obviously doesn’t work, but it does have fans who think it’s hysterical.