No More Excuses!

Lower Your Handicap with 5 Score-Shaving Golf Gadgets

In today’s world of high-tech gadgets and innovations, dedicated golfers have an amazing chance to clean up their games, making small (and possibly giant) breakthroughs.

Let’s face it, the game of golf is one of the greatest challenges known to man — this is why our staff is constantly searching high and low for new technologies to help you out.


Here are five of the best golf gadgets you should highly consider adding to your collection:

1. TaylorMade R1 Adjustable Golf Drivers
This aggressively-styled golf driver offers 168 settings, allowing you to adjust loft, face angle, and weight dispersion. It’s a breakthrough for those who play on a wide-variety of courses or need the right club to fit their very own unique game. (MSRP: $400)

2. Bushnell Tour V3 Rangefinder
A smart-device that can find the flag from 1,000 yard out. Simply point the Bushnell Rangefinder in the direction of the green, and it will pinpoint distance up to one yard. The gadget knows the difference between surrounding trees and flagsticks, a common
grievance with other pin locators. (MSRP: $300)

3. Garmin Approach S3 Golf Watch
This powerful timepiece is GPS-driven and features more than 27,000 courses around the globe—no worries with downloads or membership fees. Once the watch zeros in on the specific course you’re playing on, you’ll always know how far you are away from the green (including front, center, and back distances). (MSRP: $329)

4. GolfPro Launchpad Simulator
The sequel to the award-winning Golf Lanchpad golf simulator, this amazing golf system allows you to bring your favorite courses into your home via a projector or big screen TV. Featuring optical sensors that read and process your club’s trajectory tens of thousands of times per second, the system has been robot tested for accuracy — offering you the opportunity to fine-tune your game and have a blast on the days you can’t make it outside. (MSRP: $660)

5. SensoGlove
Need to better gauge your grip pressure in order to improve your swing? Golf pros are continually driving home the importance of grip, which can easily be forgotten when faced with the demands of your real-world golf game. SensoGlove is equipped with built-in sensors that read the pressure you are asserting on your club, resulting in a smooth, consistent swing for greater distance and precision. ($89.00)