Was This Golf Pro Drunk?

John Daly Hits Golf Ball Out of Guy's Mouth

Don’t Try This at Home!

Before any irate fans get on our backs with that headline, we know that he’s been sober since 2010. That said, he still knows how to have a good time. Watch John Daly hit a golf ball out of guy’s mouth.

This video was shot in Nashville, Tennessee, and was posted to Instagram, but that link has been removed. (Thanks, YouTube fans!) It shows Daly hitting a full driver out of the mouth of some fan outside of a pizza restaurant.

“I walked up and I thought some dude got knocked out because he was lying on the ground,” said Pearce Harrison, who shared video on Instagram and was later interviewed in the New York Daily News. “We got a little closer and saw that he had a golf tee in his mouth. He was kind of fumbling around with it for a good three or four minutes, trying to decide if he wanted to do it or not.”

Do it he did, and the fan left unhurt. You can check out the video above.

That all being said, Yahoo! Sports points out that this isn’t the first time Daly “has tried to smoke a golf ball out of someone’s mouth. For David Feherty’s show on The Golf Channel, the eccentric host let Daly hit a ball out of his own mouth, and it worked out just great.”