Redskins and Saints and Steelers, Oh, My!

The Best NFL Cities to Watch the Game

Washington Redskins Cheerleaders - One of the Best NFL CitiesWe Americans love our football. It’s just that simple. But when it comes to a city’s pride and joy, some towns are far more fanatical than others. The 2013 season this week, so we here at TopKit decided to compile a list of the best NFL cities in which to watch the world’s toughest boys throw the pigskin around.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh Steelers:

You know the old adage: What is the city of Pittsburgh between the beginning of spring and the end of summer? Dead.

Die-hard fans abound — the Pittsburgh Steelers have a tremendous amount of support. Showcasing all this men-in-tights love is the still-new and very expensive Heinz Field. Located in the North Shore neighborhood of Pittsburgh, the stadium is the best place to watch Polamalu & Co. go to town. Keep in mind, though, getting your grimy little mitts on a golden ticket is slim to none, as the team has sold out every home game since before you were born. Not to worry, there’s a plethora of websites dedicated to listing the best pubs to watch the Steelers score. (We’re just bummed they don’t have any cheerleaders.)

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Green Bay Packers:

Not only are Green Bay fans dedicated to their historic and much-loved franchise (established in 1919), but the Packers’ arena is legendary. Opened in 1957, Lambeau Field is vintage done right. Even though it’s heading into its 60th anniversary, the stadium received over $300 million in renovations before the 2003 NFL season. One website dubbed it the “soul of American football.” So the question of “Where to watch the game?” doesn’t come up much in this town. Plus, we’re quite sure A. Rodg wants his fans nearby for the first pass.

Washington, D.C. – Washington Redskins:

Yes, kids, we think RG3 is reason enough to put this city on the list. Just as he wowed us during his rookie season, everyone is praying the second coming of Robert Griffin III will stun and amaze even more than the first. Black Jesus aside, Washington, D.C. is a spectacular city with an infectious energy. From the Lincoln Memorial to Capitol Hill to the slow-jazz ambiance of Georgetown, this town has much to offer. Whether you decide to venture a bit outside the city for a frontline experience at FedEx Field, or hit up U Street Corridor to watch alongside the toast of the town, we can assure you there’ll be plenty to route for.

New Orleans, Louisiana – New Orleans Saints:

Katrina be damned, we’ll always love Mardi Gras HQs! This southern town has everything, including fried-shrimp po-boys, stellar watering holes and celebrity clout. (We’re looking at you, Mr. Harry Connick, Jr.) Couple this with the iron-armed Drew Brees and recent SuperBowl win and you don’t need much else for an exciting dose of Monday Night Football.

Seattle, Washington – Seattle Seahawks:

You can’t list America’s favorite past time without adding a little something from the Pacific Northwest. True, the iconic Space Needle is more a beacon for Kurt Cobain and the rest of grunge’s founding fathers, but this beautiful (albeit gray) town is very serious about its Seahawks. Just ask Duff McKagan. Seattle is also quite proud of CenturyLink Field (formerly known as Qwest); the stadium was erected thanks to public funding approved by a large majority of Seattleites. Located on the edge of downtown, with breathtaking views of Puget Sound, CenturyLink holds 67,000 fans and underdog-stories for the history books.