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Five of the Best Barbecues Sure to Make Your Mouth Water

Are you in search of some of the best barbecues? It isn’t a secret that true grilling aficionados seek to “become one” with their BBQs, as they attempt to please family and friends with off-the-chart backyard creations.

The very best barbeques on the market can easily garner a $4,000-plus investment. They are made to last for years, and offer a wide range of options that make barbecuing a true art. To satisfy your craving for delectable barbecues, we have compiled five beauties for you to consider.

Kalamazoo K750HT Hybrid Freestanding Gas Grill

The Kalamazoo K750HT Hybrid is as high-end as you can get in the world of grills. It’s considered a hybrid fire grill because it allows for you to choose from cooking with gas or with charcoal and wood. Whether you want to cook things slowly or sear meat at 1,000 F, the choice is yours.

The unit is constructed of three cast-brass primary burners and equipped with an ignition burner plus electronic hot surface ignition, a full rotisserie system and ambient control panel lighting. This puppy can be yours for $14,795.

Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790i Propane Gas Built-in Grill with Infrared Burner

The fire magic is without a doubt a beautiful and durable grill. At $5,835, it’s top-notch quality and numerous bells and whistles make it truly luxurious. Made in the good ole’ USA, the built-in grill allows for you to choose the exact burner set-up that will meet your needs and and fulfill your grilling desires. Choose from cast stainless-steel or a creative combination of infrared and cast stainless-steel burners.

When you compare this beauty to less expensive makes and models on the market, the Fire Magic’s value resides in its advanced hot-surface ignition and stainless-steel construction, as well as slick features like the grill’s blue LED backlit knobs and its multi-functional digital thermometer with food probe.

Alfresco LX2 42-Inch Natural Gas Grill on Cart with Rotisserie

The Alfresco LX2 is a beautiful restaurant-quality creation. Its flawless design incorporates high-grade stainless-steel, while the U-shaped burners are perfectly distributed to offer the perfect grilling scenario. The Alfresco’s chain-driven rotisserie with built-in motor is simply awesome!

DCS 48-Inch Propane Gas Grill

Grilling experts across the land often refer to the DCS as one of the very best cooking performers. Its patented Grease Management System helps to control flare-ups, while the angled grill grates are both double sided and cast in stainless-steel. Another key feature is the unit’s Ceramic Radiant Technology, which distributes the heat evenly and eliminates cold spots. A $5,999 investment will serve you with a tried and true grill that’ll last for years to come.

Viking VGIQ54203RELSS Ultra Premium 500 Series 42

Viking is definitely the king of professional quality appliances. The brand doesn’t cut a single corner with its 29,000 BTU stainless-steel grill. Offering high-performance burners and heavy-duty rotisserie, this bad boy allows you to feed a crowd just about anything — from perfectly prepared vegetables to a 25-pound smoked turkey. The Viking’s $5,290 price tag is justified by the unit’s high-quality construction and cutting-edge features.